‘Yellowstone’ Alum Kevin Costner’s Ex-Wife Now Lives In Servant’s House

‘Yellowstone’ Alum Kevin Costner’s Ex-Wife Now Lives In Servant’s House

Yellowstone licentiate Kevin Costner’s ex-wife Christine Baumgartner has now moved to the servant’s house. She has left his $145 million Santa Barbara compound. Why would she move to this tiny home?

Here is the latest news on this Hollywood couple’s messy divorce.

Kevin Costner - YouTube
Kevin Costner – YouTube

Christine Baumgartner Has Moved To Servant Home On Kevin Costner’s Property

Kevin Costner and his soon-to-be ex-wife Christine Baumgartner have been entangled in a messy Hollywood divorce. The latest news is that his wife has left his palatial $145 million recipe overlooking the Pacific in an sectional part of the Santa Barbara area.

The former Mrs. Costner has moved to an workplace lanugo the street. However, this is a very cozy home compared to her previous residence. Although there is a nice big porch, and it is within walking loftiness to the beach, it does not seem big unbearable for Christine, and the couple’s three children Cayden, 16, Hayes, 14, and Grace, 13, to live in.

Moreover, there are several shipping containers, as well as other trailers on the side of this property. There is no way that the items in those containers could all fit into that one tiny house.

Turns out, this a home where Kevin Costner’s staff has lived. Basically, Kevin’s ex-wife has moved to the servant’s quarters of his property. He got the magistrate to kick his wife out of his enormous home and rehoused her lanugo the street.

One of her friends had previously personal that Kevin was unswayable to humiliate his ex-wife. Could this new residence be part of that backlash?

No one has said anything of the sort. What has the unnamed source revealed as the reason for this unusual move?

Kevin Costner - YouTube
Kevin Costner – YouTube

Move Is Just Temporary

Is this where Kevin Costner’s ex-wife will live from now on? It doesn’t sound like it. According to People, this is just a temporary temporary solution. A source explained what is happening now. Firstly, Christine had to leave the Santa Barbara home by the end of July,  per the judge siding with the terms of the prenup.

Christine is pursuit the legal translating per the prenup and is vacating the family house.

Furthermore, the source explained that Christine “will stay at a smaller house on the property that’s been used as a staff quarter.”  Most of all, they explained that “This is a temporary solution.” This is considering she wants minimal disruption to their three children. School is starting soon and they will be rented with their friends and activities.

Meanwhile, Kevin’s ex is still looking for a suitable place in the same area. But, the zone is quite expensive. Finding a property in her upkeep needs some luck and timing. Also, the judge ruled on July 5 that she needed to be out by the end of the month. That is little time to find a suitable place to move into.

Kevin Costner’s Ex Awarded Six-Figure Sum For Child Support

Just a few weeks ago, Christine Costner was awarded $129k of child support, per month from her ex-husband. In addition, he gave her $1.45M per the prenup, to pay for a new residence.

Yellowstone fans, have you been pursuit Kevin Costner’s messy divorce?

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