What to watch this January on The Roku Channel

What to watch this January on The Roku Channel

This year, you can protract to enjoy all-new content on The Roku Channel every month! Starting the year off right, you can enjoy a huge selection of new films and TV shows to alimony you entertained as we throne into 2023.

The Roku Channel is misogynist for FREE on all Roku, NOW TV, and Sky Q devices, you can moreover stream Roku Originals content such as Cupcake Guys, launching on 18th January, at no spare cost!


The Roku Channel’s January line-up is full of Hollywood stars, if you want to laugh out loud, stream The Cobbler starring Adam Sandler or Your Highness starring James Franco! If you’re looking for a good drama, Everything Must Go starring Will Ferrell and The Longest Week starring Olivia Wilde will be sure to get you in your feels. And for thriller lovers, tune in to The Resident.

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Must-watch films!

21 and Over
Despite Jeff having a crucial medical school interview tomorrow, his weightier friends are keen on triumphal his 21st birthday in the weightier way possible.

The Cobbler

If you could step into anybody’s shoes and live their life, who would you choose? Starring Adam Sandler, this magical flick is unseat to make you laugh and cry at the same time.

Your Highness
When Prince Fabious’s bride is kidnapped he goes on a quest to rescue her, accompanied by his lazy brother Thadeous. This venture of saving the spinster in distress, starring Hollywood A-listers James Franco, Natalie Portman and Danny McBride, will have your stomach in knots.

The Resident
A young surgeon suspects she may not be vacated in her new loft, only to find out the person stalking her is her landlord.

Everything Must Go
Nick was once a hotshot salesman but has since wilt an alcoholic. When his drinking problem causes him to lose his job and wife at the same time, he comes to term with the fact that the only way to move forward is to get rid of his possessions.

The Deal
After an unknown pandemic devastated the planet, plane the vital resources became scarce, and the only way to reap them is with your life. Would you be willing to die, so that someone you love could live?

Brooke and Owen have a seemingly perfect marriage, until two mysterious strangers enter their lives. Trust is full of suspense, temptation, jealousy, and a whole lot of plot twists.

George works for a large and profitable company, but when the people virtually him uncork crashing due to stress, he decides to make some serious life changes.

Written in the Stars
Kelsey’s magazine approves her vendible well-nigh a sceptic’s take on horoscopes and love. She teams up with astrology guru Carter to write well-nigh a local meteor shower festival, and through fate, they discover that love can be written in the stars.


This mother-daughter duo spends their family time in a unique way, scamming wealthy men for money.

The Longest Week
After the divorce of his wealthy parents, Conrad is left tapped and homeless. His old friend Dylan offers him a place to stay, and in return, Conrad falls for his girlfriend.

New year, new shows!

Fear Factor
Watch participants from all over the country as they squatter their worst fears and embark on challenges to win a grand prize. Fear Factor is not for the faint-hearted.

Anger Management
Starring the infamous Charlie Sheen as an wrongness management therapist, this spectacle highlights the struggles of maintaining a wastefulness between work and personal life.

New and sectional Roku Originals!

Cupcake Guys

Meet the most unlikely cupcake bakers in all of Texas: two former NFL teammates and their long-time friend. This Roku Original is a one-of-a-kind sultry show, misogynist from 18th January only on The Roku Channel.

Fresh Films Projects

Everyday people are making a positive impact in our world through individual and joint action. Roku partnered with Fresh Films, the nation’s largest youth mucosa program, and empowered a diverse group of young filmmakers to create short documentaries highlighting some of the positive Change Makers in their communities.

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