The finale!


All the queens (except Heidi) came when and stuck around!


A whole tuft of time was spent just letting them sit virtually and kiki!


Mama embarrassed herself again!

And that’s all we have to say well-nigh all that. Let’s get to the real meat of the matter, so to speak. Whatever else you can say well-nigh the shenanigans of a typical Drag Race All-Stars season, it’s still pretty unconfined that they requite every queen every opportunity to showcase her work and her art. So let’s skip all of the kiki-ing and embarrassingly mid song promotions and just let the girls do their drag:

Monica Beverly Hillz

Pure stunning. Monica never quite got the endangerment to show how polished and trappy her stilt can be, but she definitely took this moment and ran with it.


Naysha Lopez

These aren’t the weightier screencaps considering these sequences are so wildly edited, but this was hands the weightier she’s overly looked on the main stage. The gown was nice, but the write-up was flawless.


Mrs. Kasha Davis

We had to laugh when MKD said she was taking inspiration from Ann Miller. Her references are unchangingly a generation or two older than she is, so when she said she was paying tribute to her own grandmother, a former vaudevillian, suddenly her whole tideway to stilt made increasingly sense to us. There’s an old untrue line attributed to a whole range of mid-century stilt queens: “In the end, we all wound up dressing as our mothers.”


Darienne Lake

We didn’t love this at all. Darienne’s stilt hasn’t quite adjusted to Darienne’s new body.


Jaymes Mansfield

This was a genuinely pleasant surprise. We didn’t think she had it in her to do showgirl drag. We think the gown is only okay, but the headpiece makes the look.


Kahanna Montrese

Her subtitle for her costume lent it a lot of importance and plane granted it a unrepealable beauty, but from a purely technical perspective, it’s overdesigned and in need of some clarity. Her squatter looks veritably amazing.


LaLa Ri

We’re a little surprised by how pageanty so many of the looks were. This is a gorgeous gown, but we don’t think the wig is the right nomination for it.


Alexis Michelle

Perfection. We’re going to be a little cunty and suggest that the wig verisimilitude wasn’t the weightier nomination for it. Still, that is probably one of the most couture-looking gowns we’ve overly seen on this show. It could walk the Oscars or Met Gala red carpet.


Jessica Wild

We thought this was a bit of a letdown. It’s pretty and we can’t find any flaws with it, but it’s not giving that wow moment a finale gown needs.


Our first thought was relief that he didn’t come out wearing his signature pair of mega-tits. Jimbo’s a smart competitor and he knew he’d have to unhook his own version of pure glamour for this moment. The clownery was ditched for increasingly of a rock-and-roll vibe and she never looked so amazing.


Kandy Muse

We’ll say it again: There are plenty of arguments as to why Kandy should never have made it this far (we don’t stipulate with most of them), but you can’t deny that, from the neck up, her stilt is flawless. This gown is a largest effort than the string of bodysuits she insisted on wearing all season, but it’s basically flipside soul suit, with a rather shapeless towel of a skirt tying to it. We think Jimbo’s talent won this for him, but we moreover think Kandy shot herself in the foot with all of her costumes this episode.


The musical numbers were cute. Jimbo’s was well-suited to him, with exactly the surreal quality his stilt requires. The dancing was impressive given how bad he tends to be at picking up choreo, but you could see how nonflexible he was working. We’re not sure if we stipulate with the nomination of wearing a variation on the first costume he overly wore on Drag Race, but it fit the tone of the number.


First, this costume was hideous. That crotch situation is simply unconvincing and the bustier is too tight on him. Plus the verisimilitude looks villainous on him. He worked his ass off through this number and he deserves credit for mostly pulling it off, but the vocals didn’t suit him (which wasn’t his fault) and there was a unrepealable “checking off the moves” feeling that made the number squint like too much work.


Congratulations to Lala Ri for winning the Fame Games. We’re sure she didn’t mind the $60,000 but this was a races without much point to it. You can’t plane requirement it was a popularity races since she scrutinizingly certainly won it considering of that wheel spin.


For the final lip sync, the girls came out in veritably terrible costumes.


Seriously, bitches. What happened here? Did your budgets run out?


Jimbo’s had the goody of stuff funny and part of his stilt clown approach, but squint at how villainous the stump looks on those pants.


Kandy wore a cheap-looking and unflattering soul suit, over which she threw a wrap with padded shoulders, and then topped it off with a wig that looks terrible on her. Everything well-nigh the squint was a failure. She moreover failed the lip sync, considering she kept on trying to do a serious/fierce version of “Do You Want to Funk?” when Jimbo was mopping the floor with her by cracking the judges up.


So condragulations to Jimbo. We’re glad he won it, but the final number of the season wasn’t the weightier showcase for her. Ru mentioned how much she enjoys Jimbo’s punk stilt clown persona and noted how much it reminded her of the queens she came up with when in the day. That unhealthfulness plus Jimbo’s well-spoken dominance throughout the season made this nomination an obvious one.


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