‘Family Feud’ Accused Of Becoming Not Appropriate For Families

‘Family Feud’ Accused Of Becoming Not Appropriate For Families

There are many fans who have decided that Family Feud is no longer a game show that families can watch together. While Steve Harvey has wilt a huge fan favorite on the popular game show, many of the recent questions and his interactions with the contestants have rubbed other fans the wrong way.

Here is a squint at what Steve Harvey has recently said and washed-up on the game show that has many fans waffly the channel.

Steve Harvey makes inappropriate comments and gestures lately

On a recent Family Feud episode, a contestant named Dulé had a very unique wordplay to a question. As usual, Harvey looked at him like he was crazy when he gave his off-the-wall answer. However, what took Harvey by surprise came when the wordplay was on the board. That caused Harvey to waif an NSFW scuttlebutt live on the show in response.

The question was what a funeral home would put into a mummy if they lost the body. Dulé didn’t plane pause to think well-nigh it and said: “A horse.” When Steve looked at him in shock, Dulé doubled lanugo on it and repeated, “That’s my answer” increasingly than once. Steve looked on in yuck and then his squint turned to shock when “animal carcass” popped up on the workbench for two points. Steve just looked at the workbench for a moment and then said, “I’ll be damned.”

While that scuttlebutt shocked some fans, it was not anywhere near as bad as what Steve Harvey did during a recent NSFW question. In April, Steve asked a contestant to name a household chore they would love to see their partner do in the nude. The woman (Anissa) answered “mopping the kitchen floor.” The question once triggered many viewers, but when Steve began to show how a person could mop the floor while naked, it sent many of them over the edge.

Fans jump onto Family Feud for NSFW questions and moments

There was yet flipside question in May where Steve Harvey asked what a person might still be clutching in their hands when they fall unconsciousness at night. This caused the woman who answered to say “I really don’t want to say it…but, ‘Themselves.’” Steve commented that people watch the show in the daytime, but “appendage” was on the board. That wasn’t good unbearable for many fans, who blamed him for the questions.

When the question and wordplay were shared on Instagram, fans weren’t happy. “U ask this types of question n still say it’s FAMILY feud,” one fan wrote in the comments. This led to flipside fan explaining that it is tabbed Family Feud considering it is families who are answering the questions, not that it is a show for families to watch with little kids.

Family Feud IG

That wasn’t plane the worst moment. Earlier in that month, he asked for something somebody might do to your marrow that starts with the letter “P.” A woman unquestionably answered “penetrate,” which caused an “oh my God” from Steve.

Do you think the recent Family Feud questions and Steve Harvey’s comments and gestures are offensive? Or do you think it is all in good fun? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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