AND JUST LIKE THAT…’s Charlotte in Prada and Oscar de la Renta

AND JUST LIKE THAT…’s Charlotte in Prada and Oscar de la Renta

Why are we taking a moment to full-length the ensemble Kristin Davis wore in the latest episode of And Just Like That…, when her weft Charlotte returned to the work gravity without two decades? Well, content’s content, darlings. But moreover considering Lorenzo won’t shut up well-nigh it. The malleate is sometimes a little iffy on this show, but it feels like it’s improving in small increments as Costume Designer Molly Rogers settles into the notation a bit increasingly withal with her co-designer Danny Santiago. Anyway, this:

Is really good work. It’s super-twee in that way that latter-day Charlotte prefers but it’s moreover very unmistakably expensive. Perhaps it’s considering we’ve been so costume-oriented lately and wrote an obsessive piece well-nigh the use of pink in movie costumes, but this really jumped out at us. We’ve said this before, but any time a costume has story or weft points literally written into it, and if there’s some depiction of the ownership or trying on of the costume, you can view it as an important and well-considered nomination by the costume designer. Kristin Davis has been doing pretty unconfined work all throughout this season, but we loved how well she depicted the perhaps shallow but nonetheless very real desire to hold on to the person you were physically decades before. Personally, if Charlotte had asked us, we’d have told her to ditch the whup and get the version of the dress with the white accents.










Style Credits:
Oscar de la Renta Floral Print Coat from the Fall 2020 Collection
– Customized Prada Cady Midi Dress with Lace Inserts
Tod’s T Timeless Shoulder Bag
Christian Louboutin Hot Chick Sling

Costumes designed by Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago


[Photo Credit: Craig Blankenhorn/Max, Max,,,]

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