Watch Playboi Carti’s Video for New Song “Backr00ms” Featuring Travis Scott

Watch Playboi Carti’s Video for New Song “Backr00ms” Featuring Travis Scott

Playboi Carti has delivered another melody with Travis Scott called "Backr00ms" close by a music video. Additionally credited as teammates are Sexisdeath and Indiana420Bitch. In the clasp, the two alternate rapping in a carport close to a SUV, while scenes of Carti giving an artist cash are grafted all through. Watch it beneath.

This is the fourth time Carti and Scott have collaborated on a melody together, following "FE!N" from Scott's Ideal world, 2018's "Affection Damages," and 2017's "Green and Purple." While Carti uncovered no other data while sharing "Backr00ms," it flags an increase in new music from him overall; he dropped the singles "2024" and "Different Day" keep going month, and showed up on the Icon single "Well known" with the Weeknd and Madonna before that. His latest collection, Entire Lotta Red, turned out in 2020.

In February, Carti was captured for supposedly attacking and gagging his pregnant sweetheart. He's reputed to show up on the new Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign collection, Vultures, which has encountered different delivery delays in spite of being debuted at listening parties as of now.

While music has been the essential driver of Playboi Carti's riches, he has been no more peculiar to broadening his revenue sources. His advantage in design prompted gossipy tidbits about a joint effort with the prestigious brand Grayish. Then, in late 2022, he declared his own style line, Egomaniac. The rapper's persona and style have charmed crowds as well as brands, prompting a few worthwhile support bargains.

In addition, Playboi Carti's presence in the virtual world has additionally expanded his total assets. He has wandered into the universe of gaming, adding to the soundtrack of famous computer games like "Excellent Robbery Auto On the web". This remarkable mix of music and gaming has additionally upgraded his income.