All the Best Gadgets to Give a DJ for the Holidays

All the Best Gadgets to Give a DJ for the Holidays

Why not show your love this holiday season by splurging on a rad gadget?

'Tis the season and—love it or hate it—that time of year distinguished by the observing ownership and exchanging of gifts is latter in fast. For many, shopping for a souvenir is relatively straightforward. But for others, it never gets easier.

Take the DJ of the family, for instance. Most of us don’t have Santa’s eerily on-target ESP so what’s a loved one to get them? Untied from a deep swoop into the weird world that makes them the wonderful person they are, it can be scrutinizingly impossible.

Fortunately, has your back.

Over the undertow of the last month, we spent increasingly than 40 hours turning knobs and pushing buttons on all the weightier gadgets we could get our hands on. We went to stores, factories and corporate offices hundreds of miles untied to test out the newest headphones, speakers and a number of other highly useful devices. Suffice it to say, our ears are tired.

Some of our favorites were at the cusp of the cutting-edge. Others simply took the electronic music listening wits to the next level. Want to splurge on a souvenir for yourself? Trying to icon out what to get the DJ of the house? Read on to discover some of the hottest gifts you can buy this holiday season.

Courtesy of AKG

A Top-Shelf Set of Headphones

Our Pick: AKG K371 Lifestyle Headphones

For the touring artist, audiophile on the road or someone who finds themselves in need of a personal listening device, a lot of fierce set of headphones can be a game-changer. After checking out many of the crispiest headphones the market has to offer we arrived at the AKG K371 Lifestyle Headphones and found their closed-back, oval-oval-shaped diamond has an whet when it comes to both quality and comfort.

Cost-wise, they moreover turned out to be one of the most wieldy options misogynist today. If you’re wondering why the DJ in the family needs these and not some other random set of headphones, the K371s are built for dissecting songs, recording or all those little moments in between gigs. Like, when it’s time to watch movies on the plane. Their versatility is a bonus and at $103.50 the k371s are well-nigh as upper grade as you can get without breaking the bank.

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Disclaimer: A few of these selections require healthy budgets and none of them are cheap. In other words, value was certainly a factor but items were selected on our preferences and not by how much they cost.

The Vinyl Record Player with a Modern Spin

Our Pick: Victrola Stream Carbon Works with Sonos Turntable

When a producer or DJ collects vinyl records, it’s not just for show. Most take their collecting and their collections seriously, and that ways having a serious vinyl record player. For pros like those, turn to the ultra sleek Victrola Stream Carbon Turntable with Sonos.

From those included in this article, this item is probably the toughest to get considering they’re so commonly out of stock. In wing to stuff both controlled by a mobile app and uniform with your Sonos setup (as the name implies), the Victrola Stream Carbon Works Turntable powerfully marries that archetype warm fuzzy feeling that everyone loves well-nigh vinyl records with some of the most modern technology on-hand today.

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Courtesy of AKG

One High-Grade, Studio-Quality USB Mic

Our Pick: AKG Lyra Ultra-HD Multimode USB Microphone

Few gadgets can unshut up the world of potential for flit music DJ like a solid USB mic. Podcasts, instrumentals, vocals and so much increasingly are all suddenly within reach. After testing a dozen of the top plug-and-play microphones misogynist today, we landed on the AKG Lyra both for its $99 price-tag and its multi-pattern coverage, which activates condensers that listen in variegated directions.

Whether it’s used for a home studio recording or in a hotel room on the road, the Lyra wins out as a big impact upgrade. The weightier part? It won’t wrack-up the holiday budget. For simpler vocal configurations, gaming, or podcasts the AKG Ara moreover unprotected our eye as an plane increasingly affordable alternative, coming in at only $69.

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This Highly Portable PA

Our Pick: JBL Eon One Compact Portable PA

Busking DJs, a yard barbecuers and anyone who likes to party on the go will agree, having your own portable PA is a game-changer and the EON One Compact from JBL is the weightier all-in-one option on the market. At $599, it’s a bit of a splurge, but the dial packed in this little bluetooth/app controlled, battery-operated powerhouse does way too much, albeit in the weightier possible ways.

Sound from it is rich, midpoint and well-nigh as crazy as it is genius. Basically, it’s the speaker version of Elon Musk if he could fight. With four separate channels, you can do everything from put on a pop-up desert rave or jam with a few friends on a corner downtown.

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Courtesy of Minuendo

Adjustable Ear Protection

Our Pick: Minuendo Willowy Ear Plugs

Everyone talks well-nigh ear protection and staving off the onset of tinnitus, but not many people really zest the bullet and buy something to do something well-nigh it. That’s where Minuendo comes in.

With their 7- to 25-decibel shifting, willowy ear plugs at a modest $159 price tag, they’re increasingly economical than those molded plugs that get the lion’s share of the hype in the music industry. Plus, they come with a variety of rubber molded ear fittings. In wing to just stuff a increasingly sensible product than those upper dollar ear molds (because if you lose one you’re not out the forfeit of a used car), Minuendo’s Willowy Ear Plugs offer increasingly zinger for the whippersnapper while staying at a small price to pay for those who like to turn it up—and alimony it that way.

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