Why Jason Momoa's Aquaman is the DCU's biggest Justice League challenge

Why Jason Momoa's Aquaman is the DCU's biggest Justice League challenge

Momoa's Aquaman became a fan favorite and changed perceptions character's public record, that's a challenge to replace.

The DCU may choose to remove Aquaman from Chapter One entirely due to the difficulty of finding an actor who can match or surpass Momoa's performance.

A new Judge League lineup could solve that problem, giving Aquaman some time away from the big screen and building anticipation for a different version of the character in the future.

Jason Momoa's Aquaman presents the Justice League's biggest problem that the new DC Universe must try to solve. Momoa will soon conclude the DCEU with Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom in December, ushering in the new DC Universe built by James Gunn and Peter Safran. The DCU has already confirmed that several actors will return as their characters; However, this doesn't appear to apply to the main cast of 2017's Justice League. Henry Cavill has already been recast as Clark Kent, with David Corenswet playing the hero in Superman: Legacy.

This opens the door for the rest of the Justice League. The cast is shaken and that's exactly what a report says. According to Variety, the cast of Justice League is outside of Gunn's DC universe. This includes Momoa, who reportedly abandoned his role as Aquaman to take on the role of the beloved and violent anti-hero Lobo in the DCU. If the report is true and Momoa's Aquaman is not among the confirmed canon characters in the new DC Universe, then Gunn and the rest of the DCU team will face major challenges.

Replacing Jason Momoa for the DCU would make replacing Aquaman a challenge

Momoa's Aquaman has become a fan favorite

Momoa changed the public's perception of Aquaman. Before actor Arthur Curry starred in the DCEU, the most popular version of Aquaman was the light version of the character from the Super Friends cartoon, in which Aquaman talked to fish. Momoa then made Aquaman hugely popular by taking the character in a more serious direction, with a gruff tone and imposing physique that transformed Aquaman from a joke into a total badass. Momoa's popularity as Arthur Curry is reflected in his solo film's box office earnings, and trade site Box Office Mojo shows that Aquaman finished its 2018 worldwide haul with an estimated $1.152 billion.

While the poor performance of all 2023 DC films so far puts Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom in trouble at the box office, the film's chances of being well below of the first film's solo performance is part of a bigger problem for the DC brand than Momoa's popularity. with the fans. Based on how Momoa is received as Aquaman, as the actor has solidified the DCEU version as the definitive version of Aquaman for many, the DCU's recasting of the hero will face some issues as each actor has to keep up . Founded by Momoa or surpassing him.

Why the DCU could choose to completely remove Aquaman from its universe

A new list of Justice of the Lega can solve the problem

Because what Momoa did could be very difficult to achieve. To reconcile Aquaman, the DCU could opt for a different path. and remove the sign from the equation for a while. While it's hard to believe that a new Aquaman will never appear in the DCU, the shared universe could see a different form of Justice League in chapter one of the DCU, perhaps a variant of the Justice League International from the comics, which would allow Aquaman to appear. Spend time away from the big screen. This could raise expectations for the introduction of another version of the character, very different from Momoa, who could solve Aquaman's problems in the DCU.