Stars Who Have Won Razzies and Oscars

Stars Who Have Won Razzies and Oscars

From Sandra Bullock to Tom Hanks, see every one of the entertainers who have the two Oscars and Razzies

The Foundation Grants and the Brilliant Raspberry Grants (a.k.a. the Razzie Grants) exist on furthest edges of the honor show range. The Oscars commend a small bunch of the year's best work in film, while the dubious Razzies container the most exceedingly terrible motion pictures and exhibitions of the year.

Among the superstars who have gotten selections from the satire grant show throughout the long term, the rundown incorporates probably the most acclaimed and notable entertainers to at any point beauty the big screen — a considerable lot of whom are Oscar victors.

From Leonardo DiCaprio and Halle Berry to Tom Hanks accepting his most memorable Razzie in 2023, here are the Oscar-winning stars who have too "won" Razzies.

Tom Hanks

It took until 2023 for Best Entertainer champ Hanks to turn into a Razzie victor after he got both most exceedingly terrible supporting entertainer and most obviously awful screen couple (for his prosthetics and emphasize) for his job as Colonel Tom Parker in the 2022 biopic Elvis. The actual film was designated for eight Oscars at the 2023 Institute Grants, including Best Picture and Best Entertainer for the one who depicts the Ruler of Rowdy 'himself, Austin Steward.

Jared Leto

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In 2022, Jared Leto — who won a Best Supporting Entertainer Oscar in 2014 for his work in Dallas Purchasers Club — scored his most memorable Razzie for his supporting job as Paolo Gucci in the polarizing Place of Gucci.

The entertainer won again in 2023 for most exceedingly terrible entertainer in the Wonder film Morbius.

Glenn Close

She in fact doesn't have either yet, yet some way or another in 2021, Glenn Close pulled off being selected for both an Oscar and a Razzie for a similar supporting job in Netflix's Hillbilly Requiem.

The film — which keeps a Yale Regulation understudy who is stepped back to his Appalachian old neighborhood and stands up to his stressed associations with his mom and grandma (played by Close) — was generally panned by pundits and gotten a 25 percent score on Bad Tomatoes, however watchers gave it a 82 percent crowd score. Close didn't win either grant.

Kim Basinger

Kim Basinger, who won Best Supporting Entertainer in 1998, was considered most obviously terrible supporting entertainer at the Razzies in 2018 for Fifty Shades Hazier.

Mel Gibson

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Mel Gibson's 2017 Razzie was really something worth being thankful for: He won the Razzie Savior Grant for his coordinating work on Hacksaw Edge. The entertainer was designated for Best Chief at the Oscars that year for a similar film. Gibson recently acquired two Foundation Grants (Best Picture and Best Chief) for 1996's Braveheart. He was perceived at the Razzies again in 2018 for his most horrendously terrible supporting entertainer winning job in Daddy's Home 2.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck won his most memorable Oscar in 1998 for co-composing the Kindness Hunting screenplay with successive associate and BFF Matt Damon. In 2013, he captured a success for Best Picture as a maker on Argo. In the middle between that, he was named most awful entertainer at the Razzies for three of his 2003 movies, Thrill seeker, Gigli and Check.

In 2017, he and his on-screen accomplice Henry Cavill were considered the most awful screen combo for their Batman v Superman: Day break of Equity.

Leonardo DiCaprio

The Revenant star didn't bring back home an Oscar until 2016, however DiCaprio guaranteed the Razzie for most obviously awful screen couple genuinely right off the bat in his profession for 1998's The Man in the Iron Veil, where he depicted both Ruler Louis XIV of France and his detained twin sibling. His twofold obligation execution was sufficiently significant to beat the fierce opposition in that year's Razzie class, which additionally remembered Affleck and Liv Tyler's for screen science (or scarcity in that department) in Armageddon.

Sandra Bullock

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Sandra Bullock appeared at the 2010 Brilliant Raspberry Grant service with a truck brimming with duplicates of About Steve, the film that procured her the honor for most obviously terrible entertainer. In her acknowledgment discourse, caught in a video, Bullock moved the crowd to bring their DVDs back home and "truly watch" her exhibition.

"I will appear one year from now assuming that you vow to watch the film, I mean truly watch it, and truly consider in the event that it was without a doubt the most terrible execution. Also, in the event that you're willing to watch it, I will return one year from now, and I will offer back the Razzie," she said.

The following day, The Blindside star brought back home a statuette for Best Entertainer at the 82nd Institute Grants.

Al Pacino

Al Pacino's work in Fragrance of a Lady won him Best Entertainer at the Oscars in 1993. Tragically, his decision to show up in Adam Sandler's basically panned 2011 film Jack and Jill brought about Razzies for most awful supporting entertainer and most terrible screen couple.

Halle Berry

Like Bullock, the Beast's Ball Oscar champ had the moxie to by and by acknowledge her Brilliant Raspberry Grant in a video shared by the Razzie Channel. Berry took to the Razzie grant stage with her Oscar close by, blasting into counterfeit tears prior to conveying an eight-short lived discourse about her honor winning execution in Catwoman.

"I have a many individuals to thank since you don't win a Razzie without a ton of help from a many individuals," Berry said. "As a matter of some importance, I need to say thanks to Warner Siblings — thank you for placing me in a piece of s- - - , dreadful film."