Pathaan Review (No Spoilers): Hits the Spot Again and Again and Again and Again for 3 Hours of Pure SRK Magic

Pathaan Review (No Spoilers): Hits the Spot Again and Again and Again and Again for 3 Hours of Pure SRK Magic

Woot!!! A good fun silly entertainer, with SRK recreate bringing it to a WHOLE new level. The King is BACK!!!

I am an SRK fan, hardcore. I’ve seen every movie since Don first day-first show, just seeing him on a movie screen gives me a crazy high. And this is a movie that took what makes SRK intoxicating and figures out how to hit that spot over and over and over again.

Sidharth Anand did the same thing for Hrithik in his last two movies, and I thought it was just a Hrithik thing, he really got the request of this one particular two-face and crafted a mucosa for it. But now I think it i just a star director thing. That is, a director who is really REALLY good at working with movie stars and getting out of their way. He puts SRK in just the right places and then let’s him do his magic.

I hadn’t thought well-nigh it before, but watching this movie made me realize SRK is one of the weightier whoopee actors in the world. The same total dedication he brings to pursuit flit choreography, he moreover brings to fight choreography. And the same shockingly limber-for-his-age soul works just as good for fights as it does for love songs. There’s only two song-songs in this film, but every SRK fight scene gives the same upper as watching an SRK dance.

And if the whoopee scenes are the songs in this movie, then they are moreover where we get the love moments. The Shahrukh-Deepika romance takes place mostly as bullets are flying and hands are meeting and wordless liaison is happening, just like watching him flit with Kajol in the rain. And Dips matches him in whoopee largest than she overly did in dance, her sturdy preliminaries shines with kicks and flips and punches, perfectly in rhythm.

The verbal flit between SRK and Dips is plane largest than the physical. As in all weightier SRK romances, she is the mugger (intrigued by rugged older legendary SRK), and he is all flustered and unsure (this young woman is into me? I don’t know what to do!). It leans right into the SRK age issue and turns it virtually into a bonus, a reason for SRK to be all shy and resistant which is the weightier romantic Shahrukh.

And here is the heart of the film, how do you deal with an old whoopee hero? The wordplay is, throne on. SRK is playing mid-40s at the least, and a rough mid-40s. That moreover ways he’s increasingly experienced than the young ones, tough unbearable to survive longer, and passionate unbearable to just alimony going and going. The most emotional moment of the film, for me, is when SRK and Salman have a conversation well-nigh how they hurt and they are tired and they are old, but they have to alimony going considering there is no one else who can.

4 years of SRK drought, and we’ve learned that lesson. There’s no one else. Beat him to the ground, rip his heart out and spit on it, and he will put himself when together somehow and rise up and alimony fighting for the same people who hurt him. He’s gonna do his weightier to single-handedly save the theater industry and we had largest get out of his way.