‘SNL’ Weekend Update Covers Latest Matt Gaetz Sex Scandal Allegations

Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update continued their coverage of the Matt Gaetz sex scandal this week as well as featured an interview with podcasters “Bruce Springsteen and Barack Obama.”

“Our Florida congressman Matt Gaetz is back in the news, but this time it’s good… just kidding, it’s still the sex stuff,” co-anchor Colin Jost said at the opening.

“Matt Gaetz — who looks like all the dudes from American Pie combined — reportedly sent $900 on Venmo to an alleged sex trafficker who then forwarded that same exact amount to three young women in payments label ‘Tuition’ and ‘School.’ Which, if true, would make him the only congressman actually helping with student loans.”

Amid the sex scandal, Gaetz still appeared as speaker at a Women for America First summit. “It was a nice change, to see women pay for an hour with Matt Gaetz,” Jost joked.

On the subject of Mitch McConnell’s statement that corporations should “stay out of politics” when it comes to Georgia’s restrictive voting bill, co-anchor Michael Che said, “Coincidentally, ‘stay out of politics’ is also Georgia’s new rule for black people.”

Weekend Update also briefly touched on Taylor Swift’s rerecorded Fearless:

Bruce Springsteen (Beck Bennett) and Barack Obama (Chris Redd) also dropped by to talk about their podcast Renegades, with the rocker and former president “riffing” about their favorite sodas and other mundanities:

Finally, the iceberg that sank the Titanic (Bowen Yang) also stopped in to talk about its new album and to give their take on ship accident ahead of the tragedy’s 110th anniversary:

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