CPAC Erupts in Delight After Hawley Brags About Trying to Overturn Election

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) spoke a lot about loving America during his speech at CPAC, but he only got the crowd out of their seats when he bragged about his literal attempts to destroy it.

“You know, on January the 6th, I objected during the Electoral College certification, maybe you heard about it,” the senator boasted as the crowd rose.

As Hawley tried to continue, the audience, who gathered in Florida on Friday for an event that celebrates the Republican party’s most extreme positions, stood and cheered as the senator said, “I stood up. I stood up. And I said I said we ought to have a debate about election integrity.”

But Hawley is lying. His actions on January 6th had nothing to do with debating “election integrity” and everything to do with currying favor with Trump and his die-hard supporters, who could help the senator’s political aspirations going forward.

Hours before the mob attacked the Capitol, Hawley infamously raised his fist to the soon-to-be insurrectionists in full support of their beliefs that the presidential election was stolen.

“I said, it is the right of the people to be heard,” Hawley said. “And my constituents in Missouri want to be heard on this issue.”

Hawley, who consistently plays the victim while claiming to be censored and silenced by “big tech” somehow found yet another platform where he can spew his lies without any pushback.

“I was called a traitor, I was called a seditionist, the radical left said I should be resigned and if I wouldn’t resign, I should be expelled from the United States Senate,” Hawley said.

The senator continued, “I’m not going anywhere, I’m staying right here, I’m going to stand up to you. Because if we can’t have a free and open debate in this country, we’re not going to have a country left.”

And if our elected officials continue to lie and sow seeds of mistrust in democratic processes that are working just fine, then Hawley is correct, we’re not going to have a country left.

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