Zombies Take Over Las Vegas in ‘Army of the Dead’ Teaser

A horde of zombies take over Sin City in the teaser trailer for Army of the Dead, Netflix’s upcoming blockbuster that marks director Zack Snyder’s much-anticipated return to the genre.

In the minute-long preview, a bachelorette party of the living dead swarm an elderly man playing slots, while a group of soldiers led by Dave Bautista fight off the legions of zombies. Unseen in the teaser, however, is the film’s Oceans 11-like elements, as a casino robbery is central to the storyline.

Army of the Dead is Snyder’s first zombie film since his acclaimed reboot of Dawn of the Dead in 2004, the director’s debut movie. Snyder, whose version of Justice League is due out March, also concocted the film’s story and co-wrote the script. The film premieres on Netflix on May 21st.

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