Josh Hawley Has Some Thoughts About ‘Complicity’ in the Insurrection He Helped Incite

A pretty big giveaway that nothing was going to come of the second impeachment trial of Donald Trump was that many of its jurors were complicit in the “high crime” with which the former president had been charged. Trump may have been the insurrection’s “inciter-in-chief,” but many Senate Republicans did their best to substantiate his claims that the election was stolen, and they insisted that Americans should be mad as hell about it. Having these Republicans on the jury is a part of the Constitution, but it’s also akin to a getaway driver serving on the jury of his friend who was nabbed for armed robbery.

No Senate Republican did more to breathe life into the lie that the election was stolen and that Trump’s supporters were righteous in storming the Capitol than Josh Hawley, who quite literally cheered on the mob as it prepared to storm the halls of Congress. Nevertheless, Hawley was able to cast a vote to acquit Trump of any wrongdoing.

He was also able to step onto a soapbox during Tuesday’s Senate investigation into has the Capitol Police’s handling of the insurrection and, with a straight face, lecture his colleagues about the nature of complicity.

“To allege that any of you were complicit in this violent mob attack on this building I think is not only extremely disrespectful, it’s really quite shocking,” he said to the Capitol Police officials being questioned, referencing lead investigator Lt. Gen. Russell Honoré’s suggestion that Capitol security were complicit in the attacks.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) last month announced that Honoré would lead the House review of the the Capitol’s security failures. Honoré has been fiercely critical of the Capitol Police, whose ranks include officers who took selfies with rioters and, as video has demonstrated, facilitated their breach of the Capitol. “I’ve just never seen so much incompetence,” he said of the force’s leadership in January. “So they’re either that stupid, or ignorant, or complicit. I think they were complicit.”

Hawley — who, once more, pumped his fist in support of the mob before it stormed the Capitol — made clear on Tuesday he was not a fan of Honoré’s comments. “This person has no business leading any security review related to the events of January 6th,” Hawley said.

You know who else has no business participating in a security review of what happened on January 6th?

Josh fucking Hawley.

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