Watch the Trailer for Netflix’s College Admissions Scandal Documentary

Netflix has released the first teaser for Operation Varsity Blues, a documentary that examines the 2019 college admissions scandal and the man at the center of it, Rick Singer.

Directed by Chris Smith (FyreTiger KingJim & Andy), the film explores how Singer persuaded his wealthy clients to cheat an educational system already designed to benefit the privileged, and convinced them to go to great lengths to secure their children’s admission into the nation’s most elite colleges. The parents initially charged with fraud included Lori Loughlin, her husband Mossimo Giannulli, actress Felicity Huffman, Wynn Resorts executive Gamal Abdelaziz, investment firm CEO Manuel Henriquez, and International Dispensing Corporation founder and chairman Gregory Abbott.

The documentary will use a combination of interviews and narrative recreations of the FBI’s wiretapped conversations between Singer and his clients, with Matthew Modine portraying Singer; the teaser released on Monday highlights one of those recreations.

“Is there any risk that this thing blows up in my face?” Modine as Singer says in the trailer. “Like some article comes out that the polo team is selling seats into the school for $250,000?”

“Well no, because she’s a water polo player,” the FBI informant responds.

“But she’s not,” Singer says.

Operation Varsity Blues will premiere on March 17th on Netflix.

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