See Stephen Colbert Slam GOP ‘Cowards’ in 2nd Impeachment Trial Day One Recap

Stephen Colbert recapped the opening day of the second impeachment trial against former president Donald Trump and slammed the “cowardly” GOP senators that looked away from a video of the Capitol insurrection on Tuesday’s Late Show.

“The prosecutors went straight to the heart with a devastating video proving the President’s rally and the riot at the Capitol were one and the same. I would play it for you, but it’s very hard to watch,” Colbert said. “You would need a box of Kleenex, if not a poncho, perhaps even a diaper.”

Colbert then criticized the “cowards in the Senate” — like GOP senators Rick Scott, Marco Rubio, Tom Cotton, and Rand Paul — who busied themselves shuffling papers and even doodling rather than watching the graphic video of the insurrection.

“You know what they say, gentlemen: See no evil, hear no evil, makes you seem really evil,” Colbert added.

The late show host then discussed the constitutionality of the second impeachment trial; GOP senators argued that Trump could not be prosecuted for the “lame duck” period of his administration.

“It doesn’t make sense that for their last month in office, presidents get to do whatever they want. It’s like if instead of Senior Skip Day, high schools had Senior Stab Day,” Colbert countered. “Maybe the president’s lawyers were right, maybe the Founding Fathers did want presidents to get away with anything in the last part of their term. That’s why they call it the ‘lame duck,’ because there’s no more dangerous animal than a cornered duck.”

Colbert then poked fun at Trump’s legal team, including lead counsel Bruce Castor, who delivered a widely mocked opening statement.

“Castor was so rambling, there were times that his plan was to put everyone to sleep then grab the Articles of Impeachment and just tiptoe out,” Colbert joked. “Even C-SPAN tried to save their ratings by switching to live testimony from the house subcommittee on paint drying.”

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