Pelosi: ‘The Enemy Is Within the House of Representatives’

After blasting GOP leadership for placing “QAnon congresswoman” Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) on the Education Committee, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said extra security resources were needed to protect some of her colleagues because “the enemy is within the House of Representatives.”

Pelosi made the remarks during a Thursday news conference while reassuring the more than than 30 lawmakers who penned a letter to the speaker and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy this week looking for more personal security resources. The ask was prompted by a rise in threats directed at lawmakers after the insurrection on January 6th.

Pelosi did not state names of colleagues who might be a threat during follow-up questions, but she did mention the incident when Rep. Andy Harris (R-Md.) was caught attempting to sneak a gun into the House chamber after the deadly riot at the Capitol.

Reporter: What exactly did you mean when you said that ‘the enemy is within’?

Pelosi: It means that we have members of Congress who want to bring guns on the floor and have threatened violence on other members of Congress.

The speaker may have been also been referring to a CNN report this week that surfaced social media posts of Greene’s from 2018 and 2019 where the new congresswoman “repeatedly indicated support for executing prominent Democratic politicians.”

In February 2019 speech posted to Facebook, Greene said Pelosi “is guilty of treason… a crime punishable by death.”

Unsurprisingly, Greene told Politico that CNN is “Fake News” and went on to blame “teams of people” managing her social media accounts for the posts, some of which she claimed, “did not represent [her] views.”

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) has also been vocal about having “very real security concerns” as well as how she and some of her colleagues “don’t yet feel safe around other members of Congress.” And on Wednesday the congresswoman told MSNBC that “white supremacist sympathizers are at the core of the Republican caucus in the House.”

“When I hear that Representative McCarthy is going to pull a member aside who has made white supremacist sympathizing comments,” she said. “The thing that I think is, what is he going to tell them? ‘Keep it up?’ “

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